Man receiving a neck adjustment from a chiropractor

Cervical Spine Pain: Understanding Sprains vs. Strains and How They Affect Your Neck

The neck is a compact area of the body with many different facets, including seven cervical vertebrae and a whole host of nerve bundles, not to mention ligaments and muscles supporting it all. As a result, there are a number of different catalysts that can cause discomfort. Most resul
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Woman receiving a Chiropractic adjustment

How Exactly do Spinal Adjustments Affect Spinal Change?

The spine plays a critical role in maintaining your overall wellness. Because the spine acts as a conduit for the nervous system in relaying signals from the brain to the rest of the body, it’s vital to ensure that your spine is in excellent shape. Spinal adjustments are an excellent
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Waking Up with Brachial Neuritis: What You Need to Know

It’s a scary situation to wake up with sudden pain, numbness, or tingling in the shoulders, arms, or hands. It’s easy to think you slept wrong once or twice, but if the condition continues unabated it can become alarming, not to mention cumbersome to your morning routine. If this soun
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Looking at Sciatica as a Symptom of Lumbar Spine Issues

The sciatic nerve is the longest in your body, running from the hip all the way down your leg. Sciatica merely describes that this nerve is irritated or inflamed, not what’s causing it. Unfortunately, sciatica is a very common form of leg and lower back pain experienced by millions of
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Chiropractor assessing patient

What Goes into a Chiropractic Assessment and Why Are They Important?

Chiropractic care is a distinctive practice that treats individuals suffering from a number of debilitating ailments, including nerve damage, whiplash, arthritis and chronic joint pain. Prior to providing a patient with treatment, however, reputable chiropractors will always engage in
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Woman suffering from headache

What are Your Cervicogenic Headaches Trying to Tell You?

A cervicogenic headache is the result of referred pain, or an issue in one part of the body causing pain elsewhere. The cervical spine (neck) is a delicate instrument, and even minor problems with alignment are liable to cause chronic pain conditions. You can take over-the-counter or
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Man suffering from joint pain in elbow

Avoid Cold Joints and Low Back Injuries This Upcoming Winter

It’s not the best news, but it’s undeniable: winter is coming. Unfortunately, the cold also means increased risk for joint and low back injuries. Cold weather means oxygen doesn’t travel as efficiently to our muscles, meaning you’re more likely to be sore for seemingly no reason at al
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Young man standing up at workplace

Why Sit When You Could Stand? 12 Reasons Standing is Better for Spine Health

There’s a plague in modern society: a sedentary lifestyle that leads to negative health outcomes ranging from heart disease, to chronic back pain, to obesity. People are starting to realize that regular movement and frequent standing are easy ways to combat this plague. And in fact, s
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Beyond Neck Pain: How Whiplash Affects Your Whole Body

If you’ve ever been in an auto accident, there’s a good chance you’ve suffered whiplash to some degree. Even a minor fender bender where the airbags don’t deploy is enough to cause rapid extension of the neck, resulting in whiplash. And while your neck stiffness and soreness may fade
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Heading Off Seasonal Depression with the Help of Chiropractic

If you experience seasonal depression, you know it’s more than just the winter blues. The consistent feeling of being down, combined with a lack of interest in the things you usually love, can be devastating. You dread the coming winter because you know what’s going to happen, and it
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