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Downtown Seattle chiropractor and clinical director Dr. Justin Favreau of Stability Health Center specializes in advanced chiropractic care utilizing the Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) technique and is among only a few chiropractors in the downtown area trained in this realm. His clinic, Stability Health Center has been helping patients throughout the city eliminate pain and discomfort, as well as providing safe, effective and natural weight loss, Power Plate fitness and massage therapy.

Advanced Chiropractic Care


Tired of back and neck pain? Chiropractic care can eliminate pain completely.

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Weight Loss


Weight loss significantly improves an array of health conditions.

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Power Plate Fitness


Results! Attain amazing workout results utilizing Power Plate technology.

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Naturopathic Medicine


Naturopathic Medicine combines the age-old healing traditions with new advancements.

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Downtown Seattle Chiropractor - Stability Health Center

Suffering from Pain or Other Health Issues?

Dr. Favreau’s unique chiropractic approach produces highly effective and lasting results

As a leading downtown Seattle chiropractor, Dr. Favreau’s utilizes one of the most advanced chiropractic techniques called CBP to determine the exact cause of each patient’s pain, then address it through a series of well calculated and customized chiropractic techniques for permanent results.

Welcome to Stability Health Center: Downtown Seattle’s Most Advanced Health and Wellness Center

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As a top rated downtown Seattle Chiropractor, we have made it our mission to be the community resource center for integrative health and wellness. By offering safe and effective, evidence-based services and products such as chiropractic care, naturopathic medicine and weight loss, we’re helping the residents of Seattle achieve optimal health and longevity naturally.

By combining the variety of services that are offered here at Stability (Naturopathic Medicine, Chiropractic Biophysics, Massage Therapy, Medical Weight Loss, Power Plate Fitness, etc…), we’re giving the community the opportunity to experience the best of traditional western medicine alongside elite alternative services.

As a downtown Seattle chiropractor specializing in CBP, Dr. Favreau’s approach to your specific pain or health issue is a lot more comprehensive that other chiropractors, offering highly effective, fact based courses of treatment that produces great results. Our process includes thoroughly understanding your body through careful analysis and x-ray, then recommending a customized plan of action that concentrates on a long term healing approach.

We pride ourselves on helping our patients reach their optimal health and would be privileged to assist you with managing yours. Please take your time in reviewing our site to help answer your questions you may have, or simply call us at 206-497-4962 to schedule a complimentary chiropractic consultation with one of our physicians.  Find our for yourself why we have been rated among the best downtown Seattle chiropractors, and experience the difference we can make in your life.

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